Distressed Jeans Fashion Combo For Men

Almost all living men on planet earth own a jeans. Jeans or denim are the most versatile fabric that every man can use with the rest piece of clothing in their wardrobe. Mostly in today modern world, men wear it for informal occasion, semi formal and even some formal occasion. For your information we gathered some inspiration looks for men specially the distressed jeans, enjoy.

I Loved Urban Toys

I just love designer toys, some people may called it urban toys or urban vinyl. I started to collect this kind of toys two years ago. Some of the famous producer of this kind of toys are Kidrobot, Mindstyle,Toy2R and Coarse. From all of my collections most of it comes from kidrobot a famous urban toys manufacturer.
I like kidrobot Simpsons series, specially the first one, who doesn’t know Matt Groening the creator of The Simpsons animation that last so long. This time Matt Groening teamed up with kidrobot to produced kidrobot Simpsons.

The first series is released back in 2009, almost all the figures has 6 inch height and comes with their own unique accessories. Kidrobot Simpsons is created using Vinyl for the material and all the toys design are so cute.
The toy set contain 24 iconic character from the cartoon series and comes in a blind box so you can’t tell what inside the box. Some of the character toy is so rare such as McDuff, Bumble Bee Man, Funzo, Itchy and Scratchy. I already ha…

For You By Azu

I found this great song on youtube, For You is a song performed by Azu. This Japanese  song is choosen as the ending soundtrack of Naruto Shippuuden, it has great melody and vocal. I like the music melody at the beginning and the choir vocal as the background at the ending part. Azu vocal is so crisp and soothing and I hope you would also like this Japanese pop song.

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Someone Duplicated This Blog

Someone at TheBlogHub duplicated my contents in this blog Daily Post 777 ( without my consent. They copied my blog post from 2008 up to the newest post in June 2010. I think they copied my post from my RSS feeds. They didn’t ask my permission to republish my blog contents, I hope they will stop duplicating this blog.
When I search at, I found some people experiencing the same problem. For example look at this post : CrowdSourcing Spam Blogging? this post describe explanation about similar problems that I have, at the comment section, even more people having the same problems. Starting from now I will check duplicated contents of my blog at copyscape as my weekly routine and I suggest the same thing for fellow blogger.
For our readers, I’m going to post terms of use, legal and privacy policy in the next post, I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Take A Peek At Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Trailer

The newest Harry Potter movie trailer is released at the 2010 MTV Movie awards as World Exclusive Premiere. This movie is an adaptation from the Harry Potter book with the same title. The Deathly Hallows book will be made into two movies and this trailer is the first part.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is a must seen movies for the Harry Potter fans like me. I do not own this trailer, I just found this trailer at Youtube. The copyright of this movie is owned by Warner Brothers. The cast is similar to the previous Harry Potter movies with some new additions. The dragon looks awesome at this trailer, I hope the movie will be great intrepetation of the book. I can't wait to see it at my local theatre.

Iron Man 2

If you a comic geek like me, Iron Man 2 is a great super heroes movie you should watch. Robert Downey Jr played the multimilionaire heroes briliantly, he captured the character just right. This movie is the sequel of the first Iron Man with some of the same cast as the first one. Mickey Rourke played as the villain this time, Scarlet Johansen played as the same character with a little twist and Cheadle played as War Machine.Gwyneth Paltrow and Samuel L jackson played as the same character.

The great things about Iron Man 2 is the armors, beside Iron Man Armor there is a nother armors featured in this movie. I loved the cool briefcase armor in the trailer, judging from the trailer of the movie Iron Man 2 got a great storyline and great visual entertainment. Can't wait to watch this movie on theatre.